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All of our displays can be shipped to your home or business. We will use the most economical method and pass the savings on to you. Or, if you will be in the east Tennessee area, you can stop in and take your display with you.

If we ship your display outside the state of Tennessee, you do not pay sales tax.

All displays are 110 / 120 volt.

Most displays break down into 2 or more sections for shipping and storage. To determine how many sections a particular display will come in, please call or e-mail us.

For displays that have more than a single figure such as a nativity, widths shown are approximate and depend on the amount of distance you put between each figure during set up.

You can change the color of bulbs in any of the displays to fit your own color scheme. Let us know your preferences when you place your order and we'll customize it for you.

We also offer refurbishing / relighting of your existing display. Call us or stop by to make arrangements.

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